CBD Facials

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CBD Facials

CBD is showing its face in the skin care industry and now with clinical studies to back it up! CBD is a new kind of facial experience that will leave your mind relaxed and your skin Detoxified, Smooth, hydrated, rejuvenated and Glowing! Time to start feeling confident in your own skin. Let us give you a facial experience like no other! There is a perfect facial out there for every skin type and we have it!

We took our time and reviewed hundreds of different companies and finally found a product that is absolutely amazing! KUL CBD is clinically proven to work and continues to help lead the industry in NEW Evolving CBD in medical grade skin care products! Inspired by the well know “skincuticals” KUL CBD products allow us to offer unbelievable CBD facials from cleansers to masks and moisturizers! - The benefits of CBD have been proven to decrease inflammation, decrease redness and to be anti-microbial,soothing, hydrating, firming and protect your skin from sun and light damage. Perfect for all skin types especially aging and Dry skin! This is a New Top of the line Product found in places like Bloomingdales and Golds Spa in San Diego you will not find these products on Amazon, Walmart, pharmacies, 7-11 or any other non-luxury locations. We have take the time to research CBD and there is no better “Full Spectrum” CBD for facials out there!

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CBD Ultimate Gravity Facial *** Most Popular

90 min | $170

This Ultamate Anti-Aging Facial is like no other treatment we offer! Good for all skin types especially aging skin. This treatment Tightens firms, cleanses , hydrates and protects your skin from free radicals aiding in the ability to preserve your skins collagen and elastin responsible for aged and wrinkled skin. -----This Ultimate Anti-aging treatment starts with a relaxing light massage to open up your thoracic nodes; followed by 30 mins of Lympatic drainage immediately firming, tightening and decreasing inflammation and swelling of the face, CBD based cleanser and Exfoliator, Extractions (if needed), LED Light Therapy, massage, age defying mask , CBD Moisturizer, CBD Glow Serum, CBD Detoxifying Hydrojelly Mask and Sunscreen! We End this Facial with my all time favorite CBD Joint and muscle cream applied to an area of discomfort.

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CBD Customized Immunity Facial

60 min | $100

Perfect for all Skin types this facial uses CBD and Medical Grade Products and is customized for your skin concern. This treatment improves Acne, dryness, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation & oily skin while removing free radicals allowing your skin to be healthy, clean, glowing and rejuvenated! Customized for your skin concern.-----This Amazing CBD facial is completely tailored for your skin concerns. We start with a double cleanse, skin analysis to determine what therapeutic mask is right for you. Your treatment inludes CBD in every step. CBD based cleanser and Exfoliator, Extractions (if needed) then a facial massage, customized therapeutic mask ( Active ingredients & Medical Grade, No CBD ), CBD Moisturizer, CBD Glow Serum, CBD Customized Hydrojelly Mask and Sunscreen!

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CBD Hydrating Facial

40 min | $85

This Ultimate Hydrating and detoxifying facial is incorporated with CBD in every step from start to finish leaving your skin feeling Clean, hydrated, soft, refreshed, glowing and healthy.-----We start with our CBD based cleanser and Exfoliator then a facial massage, Hydrating mask with CBD, CBD Moisturizer, CBD Glow Serum, CBD Hyaluronic acid Hydrojelly Mask and Sunscreen!

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